Encounter warm and friendly people; discover good old Japan.

Mr. Richard Pearce

Q1.What is your name?
Richard Pearce

Q2.Where are you from? What do you do?
England. I am a Tour Leader for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Q3.How long have you lived in Tottori?
In total, 4.5 years.

Q4. What's your favorite sightseeing spot in Tottori?
My favourite place is a little of the beaten track. It's the Oshika-kei and Mt. Takayama area, which is to the South East of Misasa. The scenery and wildlife is fantastic. I've even seen a Golden Eagle up close there!

Q5. What's your favorite food and shop?
Hmm, that's a difficult one. I think Rinku (旬流Diningりんく) in Kurayoshi. It serves seasonal dishes and the seafood is out of this world!

Q6. What do you recommend for a souvenir from Tottori?
Some Daisen G Beer!

Q7.What do you think is special about Tottori compared with other places in Japan?
The scenery and energy around the place is very beautiful and powerful. The seafood is the best in the world!

Q8. Any message for tourists?
If you want a taste of "Real Japan", please come to Tottori. Great food, stunning scenery and friendly people. What more can you ask for!