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Ms. Ellen Knuth

Q1. What is your name?
Ellen Knuth

Q2. Where are you from? What do you do?
I'm from Kalamazoo, Michigan in the USA. I'm currently working as an English teacher in Kotoura.

Q3. How long have you lived in Tottori?
I have lived in Tottori for the past three and a half years.

Q4. What's your favorite sightseeing spot in Tottori?
My favorite sightseeing spot is Nariishi-no-hama (鳴り石の浜) in Kotoura. It's a unique stone beach and the sound of the water on the rocks is beautiful.

Q5. What's your favorite food and shop?
The furoshiki manju at Yamamoto Otafuku-do in Yabase are great! I also really like Bikai (美海) restaurant in Nawa.

Q6. What do you recommend for a souvenir from Tottori?
Tottori pears make a delicious present in the fall. I also think that white rabbit theme souvenirs are great gifts.

Q7. What do you think is special about Tottori compared with other places in Japan?
The beauty of Tottori's natural scenery, and the charm of the towns and people are very special. People in Tottori take time to welcome visitors to their communities and introduce them to the area, so you can experience real, rural Japan.

Q8. Any message for tourists?
When you visit Japan, take some time to visit Tottori! After the bustle and activity of Tokyo and Osaka, enjoy Tottori's hot springs, beaches, and mountains. We're waiting for you!