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Mr. Martin Barnard

Q1. What is your name?
Martin Barnard

Q2. Where are you from? What do you do?

South Africa. I am an English teacher.

Q3. How long have you lived in Tottori?

For 5 years.

Q4. What's your favorite sightseeing spot in Tottori?

Mihonoseki. I like the temple and shrines, and the old style living of the village. It is almost as if time is standing still there.

Q5. What's your favorite food and shop?

There is a small sushi restaurant on the same road as Minami High School called Yoshiki. I especially like the fish and seafood donburi. Another small restaurant called 'En' (苑) (that usually only operates by reservation) is situated right next to YKK on Road 431. If you like Japanese food, you will love this set lunch! If you come from the highway, after you have crossed the intersection at Okashijou, it is on the left by the next traffic light. 

Q6. What do you recommend for a souvenir from Tottori?

To keep for yourself: a collection of the Tottori themed pins.
For others: Mt Daisen milk products!

Q7. What do you think is special about Tottori compared with other places in Japan?

The natural scenery, the abundance of outdoor activities, the friendly people, and onsen!

Q8. A message for tourists?

If you want to take it slow, Tottori's the place to go!