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Enryuin Temple (the roof painting of Yokai)

Enryuin temple has a long history along with Daisenji Temple. The former temple was built 200 years ago. The aging temple was reconstructed in 2009 for safety purpose. The most significant feature of the temple is the roof painting of Yokai. Yokai is supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. The painting was drawn by a local distinguished manga artist, Shigeru Mizuki, most known for his work "Gegege no Kitaro", in which one-eyed yokai boy Kitaro protects the human world from evil yokai and vice-versa.

The former chief priest Tozen in Edo period was a well-known painter. In tribute to Tozen, the ceiling was decorated with the paintings. Other paintings are also displayed on the wall. The temple serves the role of museum as well. Please enjoy the mixture of tradition and a spirit of innovation.
Visitors throw themself down and enjoy the roof painting.
  • Address 58 Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, 689-3318 Tottori
  • Phone 0859-52-2158
  • Open March 18th to Dec. 18th 9:30-15:30
  • Admission adults:400yen
  • Credit Card N/A
  • WiFi N/A