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Okuninushi and A Little God

A Great Work by A Little God
Okuninushi is believed to meet Sukunahikona at Mihonoseki, and travelled around with him to built a nation. Sukunahikona is said to be a tiny thumb-sized deity. The dwarf deity assisted Okuninushi in building the nation and formulating protections against disease, and creating sake and hot springs. Dogo Onsen and Tamatsukuri Onsen are believed to be created by the deity. He is enshrined in many onsen places and shrines all over Japan. He left the world by climbing to the top of a millet stalk that, rebounding, threw him into Tokoyo no Kuni, the Land of Eternity.

A Grand God
Okuninushi was killed at Akaiiwa Shrine and resurrected by the hand of his mother and three goddess. The resurrected Okuninushi became even more grand, and later made it through challenges. In the end, he venerated as a god of nation-building, farming, business, and match-making.

Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya is designated as a nationally important cultural property.

Nation Building Pilgrimage Tour

Awashima Shrine
Awashima Shrine enshrines Okuninushi and Sukuhanikona
Ogamiyama Shrine
Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya
Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya is located at Mt. Daisen. It is believed that Okuninushi planned a nation-building from here, looking down the land.

Awashima Shrine enshrines Sukunahikona, who assisted Okuninushi in building a nation.

Susanoo, a deity well known in the story of Yamata-no-orochi (a gigantic serpent with eight heads and eight tails), had a daughter called Suserihime. She fell in love with Okuninushi instantly. Nevertheless Susanoo disapproved this romance and tried to kill him through various methods, they got married in the end.

Okuninushi is said to be a handsome deity. As said the proverb of the ancients, Great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasures, he married with six goddess and had 180 children in Kojiki mythology.