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Yonago Kitaro Airport

Yonago Kitaro Airport is the main gateway to the San'in region of Japan, making access to Mt. Daisen National Park, the seafood and youkai city of Sakaiminato, and the historic city of Matsue very easy and convenient.
Services at Yonago Kitaro Airport include a suitcase delivery service which will deliver excess baggage to your hotel, so you can to start your itinerary right away.
Local cuisine can be enjoyed at the izakaya style restaurant Kaba, inside the airport.
A Convenience store and several souvenir shops are also available.


◇Yonago Kitaro Airport←→JR Yonago Station
Bus: 570yen (≈30 min)
Train: 230yen (≈30 min)
Taxi: About 4,000yen (≈25 min)

◇Yonago Kitaro Airport←→JR Matsue Station
Bus: 960yen (≈45 min)
Train: 740yen (≈1 hour: transfer to the JR Sakai Line at Yonago Station)
Taxi: About 6,800yen (≈45 min)

◇Yonago Kitaro Airport←→JR Sakaiminato Station
Train: 180yen (≈15 min)
Taxi: About 1,800yen (≈10 min)

◇Other Destinations
Bus: JR Sakaiminato Station (The Hama Loop Bus circles around Sakaiminato City and includes a stop at JR Sakaiminato Station)
       Shichirui Port (Ferry Terminal for Ookinashima)
       JR Kurayoshi Station
       JR Tottori Station.

  • Address: 1634 Sainokamicho, Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture, 684-0055
  • Phone: +81-859-45-6121
  • Daily Opening Hours: 07:00 - 22:00
  • WiFi: Available
  • URL: Follow this Link