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TOTTRIP Payment Support System

The TOTTRIP Payment Support System was recently implemented in some small local shops with no credit card facilities so that customers can pay with a credit card via PayPal.

How to Use

【1】Bring items you want to purchase to cash desk. Sales staff will calculate the total price.

【2】Scan and read a QR-Code shown by the sales staff with your smartphone QR-Code reader. Access to the shown URL.
* Please install a QR-Code reader in advance if you do not have one. There are a plentry of free softwares.
【3】You will see the total price at online shopping store run by Daisen Kingdom. Confirm the price and proceed to Paypal credit card transaction. Credit-card transaction fee (3.9% of the actual expenses + 40 yen) is added to actual expenses.
【4】 You will see PayPal page. Please proceed the transaction.
【5】New QR-code will be issued after the transaction is finished. Please show the QR-Code to the sales staff. The sales staff will scan the QR-Code.
【6】The staff will confirm the transaction is completed, and you will get the item. Finish!

【Buying History】
Buying history gets available if you make your account at TOTTRIP.

【Timing of Payment】
Payment is due on the due date specified by each credit card company.


  • VISA credit card is necessary.
  • Please register to Paypal in advance.
  • Internet connection is necessary in order to use TOTTRIP Payment Support System.
  • Credit-card transaction fee will be added to actual expenses. (3.9% of the actual expenses + 40 yen)
  • TOTTRIP Payment Support System uses PayPal and Visa credit card online transaction. Once the transaction is proceeded, it is impossible to cancel the transaction.