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Japanese Holidays


  • January 1st (Tue) New Year's Day
  • January 13th (Mon) Coming-of-Age Day(the 2nd Monday of January)
  • February 11th (Mon) National Foundation Day
  • March 21th (Fri) Spring Equinox Day
  • April 29th (Tue) Showa Day
  • May 3rd (Sat) Constitution Day
  • May 4th (Sun) Greenery Day
  • May 5th (Mon) Children's Day
  • May 6th (Tue) Substitute Holiday
  • July 21th (Mon) Marine Day(the 3rd Monday of July)
  • September 15th (Mon) Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day (the 3rd Monday of September)
  • September 23rd (Tue) Autumnal Equinox Day
  • October 13th (Mon)  Health-Sports Day (the 2nd Monday of October)
  • November 3rd (Sun) Culture Day
  • November 23rd (Sun) Labor Thanksgiving Day
  • November 24rd (Mon) Substitute Holiday
  • December 23rd (Mon) The Emperor's Birthday