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Best 6 Cherry blossoms Spots That Make You Smile!

 Cherry Blossom is a symbol of spring in Japan. Bloomning cherry blossoms make everyday landscape shine beautifully.Cherry blossoms in Tottori prefecture will bloom soon. We will introduce six herry blossom viewing spots. Let's have a lunch box and a camera and go out for cherry blossom viewing!

 The recommended spot in the eastern area of ​​Tottori Prefecture, the first is Shikano Town's "Shikano Castle Park". Shikano Castle is a mountain castle where the warrior Korenori Kamei ruled from the Nikiko during the Warring States Period. In spring, about 500 Yoshino cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

 "Shikano Sakura Matsuri" will be held from Saturday, March 18th to Sunday to April 16th. Various events will be held during the period. Also, until May 7th (Sunday), it will be lit up with a lit lamp from 18 to 22 o'clock, so you can enjoy the fantastic night cherry blossoms.

 Another sakura sightseeing spot is "Oiwa Station" of Iwami Town. Along the railroad, there are nearly 100 cherry blossom trees lining around 1 km, and greet the train arriving and departing in spring. You can also take a look at the car window, get off at Oiwa station and have a camera. Collaboration of idyllic country train and row of cherry blossoms is not a scene that becomes a picture.

●鹿野城跡公園 Shikano Castle Park
Address: Shikano, Shikano-cho, Tottori City 689-0405 Tottori
Phone: 0857-22-3318(Tottori City Tourism Information)
Access: Take Hinomatu Bus from Tottori Station towards Shikano. It takes 74 min. Get off at Tatemachi bus stop and walk for 15 min.

●大岩駅 Oiwa Station
Address: Otani Iwami-cho, 681-0073 Tottori
Phone 0857-72-3481(Iwami Town Tourism Association)
       ※Opening Hours/9:00-18:00
       ※Closed/Monday(Tuesday if the Monday is a holiday)
Access: Take JR Sanin Main Line for Hamasaka Kinosaki Onsen for 19min. from Tottori Station. Get off at Oiwa Station.

※Please pay attention to surroundings when taking pictures. Entering the train track is very dangerous.

 The best cherry-blossom viewing spot in Kurayoshi City is "Utsubuki Park".The park is selected as "The Best 100 Sakura sights in Japan" and "The Best 100 Urban Parks in Japan". There are walking paths in large gardens, and there are many spots to see such as Japanese garden with a pond, small zoo and observation deck.

 The Kurayoshi Harumatsuri is held from April 1 to May 20 in 2017. During that time, about 500 lanterns will be lit up from around 18:00 to 22:00. food stalls will also line up and offers various food and drinks. The park is also famous for azaleas. Colorful azaleas will color the park from May.

 Gokurakuji Temple has different atmosphere from Utsubuki Park. There is a large 140-years-old cherry tree in the temple. The full bloom is a spectacular as if a cherry-colored waterfall is running down. It is a perfect match for the temple and there are many people with a camera.

●打吹公園Utsubuki Park
Address: Nakano-cho Kurayoshi-shi, 682-0824 Tottori
Phone: 0858-22-1200
Access: Take Nihon Kotsu Bus from Kurayoshi Station for Park Square Line Nishi Kurayoshi for 17 min. Get off at City Hall and Utsubuki Park Entrance bus station and walk for 5 min.

●極楽寺 Gokurakuji Temple
Address: 130, Yatsuya, Kurayoshi-shi 682-0025 Tottori
Phone: 0858-22-1200
Access: Take Nihon Kotsu Bus for Sekigane for 4 min from Kurayoshi Station. Get off at Yatsuya and walk for 10 min.

 The famous cherry blossom viewing spots in Tottori west area is "Hosshoji River Bank" in Nanbu Town and "Toyofusa Sakura Road" in Daisen Town.

 More than 700 cherry trees line along with Hosshoji River. This year's "Nanbu Town Sakura Festival" will be held from March 24th to April 10th. During the period, lanterns will be lit up from 18:00 to 22:00. Also on April 8th and 9th, "Hosshoji Isshiki Kazari" will be exhibited. 

 Toyofusa Sakura Road is a hidden cherry viewing spot. Cherry trees are lined up for 200 meters on both sides of Route 305 running over Toyofusa district of Daisen Town. Please also enjoy a majestic view of Mt. Daisen that still has snow on its top. If you turn your eyes around, you can see the blue Sea of ​​Japan.

●法勝寺川土手 Hosshoji River Bank
Address: Hosshoji 683-0351 Nanbu-cho, Saihaku-gun Tottori
Phone: 0859-30-4822 (Nanbu Town Tourism Association)
Access: Take Hinomaru Bus from Yonago Station towards Hosshoji or Kanayama for 22 min. Get off at Hosshojiue bus stop and walk for 5 min.

Address: Toyofusa Daisen-cho, 689-3316 Saihaku-gun, Tottori
Contact: 0859-52-2502 (Daisen Tourism Information)
       ※Opening Hours 8:00~18:30
Access: 20min. by car from JR Daisenguchi Station