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Tottori Prefecture is doing fine after earthquake!

 On October 21, 2011, a big earthquake hit the central part of Tottori prefecture. Many local people suffered from damage and felt uneasy about the collapse of buildings and aftershocks. The sightseeing area is not an exception. Some facilities couldn't operate due to the destruction and safety confirmation. Many sightseeing events had been canceled. However, one month has passed and things are getting better.

"The sightseeing area may not operate normally yet..." "Would it be rude to visit Tottori prefecture when they are still during reconstruction...?" Sorry for making you worried. Thanks to everyone's support, Tottori Prefecture has been regaining its vitality!

 We will introduce the upcoming sightseeing information of "Kurayoshi City(倉吉市)" "Misasa Town(三朝町)" "Hokuei Town(北栄町)"!

 The beautiful "White Wall District" (白壁土蔵群) has a black plasterboard on a white plaster wall. These white-walled storehouses retain the ambience of their origins in the Edo and Meiji periods. The sightseeing spot that represents Kurayoshi City had been featured on TV when the earthquake destroyed some parts of the white walls. Now the area is in regular operation including shops, galleries, sake brewery, soy sauce brewery, souvenir shops and restaurants!

 To promote that Tottori central area is in good spirits, a reconstruction event "Tottori Prefecture is fine! Campaign" was co-hosted by hotels, ryokans and shops of Kurayoshi City, Misasa Hot Springs, Hokuei Town and other tourist associations. They distribute tasty "crab miso soup" for free.The miso soup which contains plenty of crab body is so delicious 200 cups were out in an hour and a half.

 After eating the warm crab soup, please visit the neighbouring sightseeing spots. There is a bus terminal next to JR Kurayoshi Station, which makes it easy to access Misasa Town, Hokuei Town and other Chubu area. There is also tourist information office, so please feel free to drop in.

Tottori Prefecture is fine! Campaign
Please try Crab Miso Soup wich represents Tottori's winter taste!! (Free)
*We prepare 200 cups everyday.

December  3rd, 13:30 at JR Kurayoshi Station South Exit
December 11th, 14:30 at Akagawara Ichigokan Parking
December 18th, 13:30 at JR Kurayoshi Station South Exit

[Contact about Sightseeing in Kurayoshi]
JR Kurayoshi Station Information Center: 0858-24-5370
Kurayoshi White Wall District Information Center: 0858-22-1200

●Kurayoshi Tourism MICE Association
Address: JR Kurayoshi Station Bldg. 2F, 195-12, Agei, Kurayoshi-shi, 682-0021 Tottori
Contact: 0858-24-5371
Access: Inside JR Kurayoshi Station

"Misasa Onsen (三朝温泉)" hot springs contain one of the highest levels of radium in the world. Despite it was close to the epicenter, there were hardly no major damage to hotels, ryokans and tourist facilities and no change in the quality of hot spring water. Each hotels and facilities are ready to welcome visitors.

 Misasa Onsen Cooperative Association prepared Visiting Misasa Onsen Plan which allows visitors to visit different 18 hot springs. Visitors can enjoy different springs without staying.

 Radon contained in hot water of Misasa is a weak radioactive gas produced by the decay of radium. When inhaled into the body, radon improves the metabolism and boosts the immunity and our natural healing power. In addition, you can intake by drinking spring water which contains abundant minerals which help double the blood flow in the stomach lining. There are public baths, footbaths and drinking spaces in Misasa Onsen streets. 

●Misasa Onsen Tourism Association(三朝温泉観光協会
Address: 973-1 Misasa, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun 682-0123 Tottori
Contact: 0858-43-0435
Access: 20 min. bus ride towards Agei Misasa from JR Kurayoshi Station. Please get off at Misasa Onsen Kanko Shoko Center Mae Station (三朝温泉観光商工センター前).

With the landscape of Hojo Sand Dunes facing the Sea of ​​Japan and windmills, Hokuei Town is famous for Japanese yam, juicy Daiei watermelon, Hojo grape and Hojo wine. Do you know that this town is the hometown of Gosho Aoyama, the manga author of the popular comic "Case Closed"? Yes, it is "the city where you can meet the detective Conan"!

 JR Yura (Yura) station is also known as "Conan station". The 1.4km road from the station towards "Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory" is named "Conan Street", dotted with bronze statues of the Case Closed characters such as Conan, Ran, Shinichi Kudo. You can also find Conan on manholes and street lights! The town is a must-visit location for Conan fans.

 Please don't forget to visit Hokuei Town Tourist Association adjacent to JR Yura station. You can get tourist information pamphlets translated into English, Korean and Chinese. You will also find a lot of Case Closed related items only available here! The most popular item is "Conan Station Visit Certificate" to prove that you have actually been there. It is designed with the illustration of Conan and the photo of Conan train. There are also animation voice actors' signatures and Mr. Gosho Aoyama's autograph. 

●Hokuei Town Tourist Association(北栄町観光協会)
Address: Yurashuku, 573-1, Hokuei-cho, Tohaku-gun 689-2221 Tottori
Contact: 0858-37-5874
Access: Next to Conan Station (JR Yura Station)

 With the warm support of the people all over the country, Tottori prefecture has steadily stepped up its path to reconstruction. Earthquake damage has been kept to a minimum, and each tourist facilities resumes business and works hard.

 Of course, there are facilities and houses that are still undergoing restoration, and it can not be said to be perfect, but as you can see in the phrase that everyone at Misasa Onsen says, your visit is the best reconstruction support