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Fashinated by Autumn Leaves Colour

  Japan has the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and enjoying the atomosphere of each season's scenery and landscape is regarded as refined taste. In autumn, the wind gradually becomes colder, and the sunlight gets softer. The autumn is the season people enjoy its beautiful autumn leaves. The broadleaf trees naturally sense the change of the weather, and gradually change its leaves colour to red and yellow, which changes the summer mountain landscape into a spectacular superb view.

 We would like to introduce the best spot to enjoy the autumn leaves in eastern, central and western Tottori. Please take your camera and enjoy the combination of the autumn leaves with waterfalls, valleys and mountains.

  Mitaki-kei (三滝渓) in Kawahara-cho Kitamura is known as the colored leaf spot representing Tottori City. The trail pass along the valley is surrounded by a lot of trees. As you keep walking about 1 km while enjoying that autumn leaves, you will find a red suspension bridge. The view from the Mitaki suspension bridge is the "Senjo-daki"(千丈滝) waterfall.

 The Senjo-daki Waterfall is about 80 meters in height. The appearance of flowing down the cliff while setting a white splash is majestic. The waterfall has the virile attractiveness in midsummer with the surrounding green trees. On the contrary, in autumn it looks very glamorous as if the waterfall wears gorgeous kimono. You'll be fashinated by the beautiful Japanese landscape.

Season: the end of October to the early November
Address: Kitamura, Kawahara-cho, Tottori City 680-1234
Contact:0857-22-3318 (Tottori City Tourist Information Center)
Access: 50 min. drive from Tottori Station

  The colored leaf spot representing the central Tottori is "Ojika-kei"(小鹿渓) located in Misasa Town, which is known as the Radon hot spring area. It is a nationally designated scenic spot where clear river stream valley continues for about 4 km upstream of the Ojika River. There are many highlights such as mossy gigantic rocks, cliffs, canyons, caves, large and small waterfalls.

 The valley is surrounded by a virgin forest and has fantastic atmosphere. The most popular spot at  the Ojika-kei is "Menbuchi"(雌淵) and "Onbuchi"(雄淵) , where the waterfall flows into a deep pool. It seems like a beautiful painting, bright autum branches approaching the pool. 

Season: the late October to the early November
Address: Kamikura, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, 682-0142, Tottori
Contact: 0858-43-0431(Misasa Onsen Tourism Association)
Access: 35min. drive from Kurayoshi Station

  Mt. Daisen, the highest mountain in the Chugoku region, boasts one of the most popular landmarks for autumn leaves. There are a lot of spots to see the variety of autumn leaves such as Daisenji Temple, Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya, Goenzan Noroshi-dai, Daisen waterfall, beech forest tunnel along the driveway and the observation parking lot. 

  Kagikake Pass (鍵掛峠) is the best spot to see the most dynamic and elegant autum leaves". Looking up from the observation parking lot to Mt. Daisen, the autumn leaves spread like a curtain, and there is a magnificent Mt. Daisen. In the late autumn, Mt. Daisen is dressed with snow, the autumn blue sky and autumn colors. 

●Mt. Daisen Kagikake Pass (大山・鍵掛峠)
Season: late October to the early November
Address: Mitsukue, Kofu-cho, Hino-gun, 689-4434 Tottori
Contact: 0859-75-2211(Kofu Town Office)
Access: 20 min. drive from Ebi Station

We advise you to prepare casual outfit and comfortable shoes. Do not forget to bring winter clothes and drink.
Also, during the season the road and parkings will be very crowded. Please check out traffic information in advance.