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Overnight Climb Camp at Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen is the highest mountain in the Chugoku region. Its appearance from any angle makes us always excited. The stark north wall shows the majestic rocky skin, the beautiful south wall looks like the European Alps, the west wall is called "Hoki Fuji" from its conical mountain shape.

These are not the only greatness of Mt. Daisen. Mt. Daisen is a popular climbing spot that from beginners to the advanced can enjoy. The climbing path is full of beautiful nature, and the 360-degree large panorama spreading over the top is spectacular.

Now is the great mountaineering season, so we’d like to recommend overnight climb camp at Mt. Daisen. There are plenty of things to see only by overnight climb at the summit.

There are two climbing courses in Mt. Daisen. One of the courses is ”Summer Mountain Climbing Course”, which leads to the Misen summit. It is the main climbing course suitable for the beginners.

 On the way to the summit you’ll see the characteristic vegetation such as the beech forest that is said to be one of the largest in Western Japan and the special natural treasure Daisen Kyaraboku. Furthermore, the scenery from the summit is unique to the moutain where the ocean is close. You’ll see the beautiful Japan Sea, the Yumigahama peninsula stretching while drawing a beautiful bowed arc, the Shimane Peninsula on the other side with a green mountain and the lake Nakaumi surrounded by the two peninsula.

After having a dinner at the top hut, please get out to enjoy the night scenery before going to sleep. You’ll see a completely different view from the daytime.

You’ll see Yumigahama Peninsula shining on the west. As weather changes rapidly at the summit, thin clouds may appear under your eyes, but the clouds will add fantastic atmosphere.

When your eyes get used to the darkness, please try looking up. In the clear sky, you’ll see star-filled night sky. Because the air is clear, the star light is as beautiful as a jewel. There is a chance to see a shooting star.

Please make sure to shine the flashlight and walk carefully at night and in the early morning. Head light would allow you to walk without blocking both hands. Winter clothes are essential as the summit gets very cold.

In the morning, please get ready to see the early-morning sunlight. Please check the sunrise time in advance, go outdoors one or two hours earlier, and enjoy the east sky gradually getting brighter. The sky gradation when the color of night and morning begins to gradually mix is surely ​​natural art.

When sunrise approaches, the ridgeline gets blight orange. When the morning sun comes up, you will give an admiring voice. Please enjoy the refreshing morning hours that you can taste only at the summit of the mountain.

After enjoying the sunlight, please go to the west side. A shadow of a huge triangle is reflected in the place where you enjoyed the night view last night. It is called as ”Kage Daisen" (The Shadow of Daisen). It will be the unforgettable memory to see the shadow of Mt. Daisen extends at the foot of the mountain with the morning sun on his back. After you enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Daisen, please descend slowly. The great feeling would be ruined if you are injured.

The introduced superb view is a rare thing that can not be seen unless some conditions are met. Even if you check the weather forecast before climbing, the weather at the summit may change suddenly.

The hut on the summit is free and open to the public. A hut manager will be there during the summer season, but you’ll need to bring your own food and sleeping bag. Please bring back your garbage, use the toilet cleanly and mind your manner.

10 manners to follow on climbing Mt. Daisen


●Daisen Town Office Tourism Commerce and Industry Division
Address: 500 Suenaga, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun 689-3332
Phone: 0120-86-1709 (8:30-17:15 Mon-Fri)

●Daisen Town Tourist Information Center
Address: 40-33 Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-3318
Phone: 0859-52-2502
Opening Hours: 8:00-18:30
Access: Take Nihon Kotsu Bus for "Daisenji Temple" from Yonago Station (50 min. ride). Get off at Daisenji Station and walk for 2 min.