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Enjoy Summer! Rock Oyster and White Squid

Tottori Prefecture, facing the beautiful Sea of Japan, is the treasure house of seafood. Matsuba crab is famous in winter. In summer, tuna, mackerel, flying fish and turban shell are caught. Speaking of the summer taste of Tottori, all the local people would recommend the "rock oyster (Iwagaki)" and "white squid".

Raw rock oyster is the best to eat! At "Karo Port Ichiba Shokudo" in Karo-cho of Tottori City, you can taste raw roch oysters freshly landed at Tottori (Karo) port. Please try "Tennen Iwagaki" (780 yen per an oyster), with the lemon juice. Please put ponzu sauce to your liking. Once bitten, The Iwagaki unique rich taste and smell of ocean will spread to the mouth.

If you don't like it raw, please try "Tennen Iwagaki Fried Oysters Set Meal" (1,880yen) along with sashimi, pickles, rice and soup. The set meal is served with two to five rock oysters depending on its size.

Both are offered until late August when the oyster fishery ends. 

The menu of Ichiba Shokudo includes "Kitamaebune Set Meal"(980 yen) along with seasonal fresh sashimi, pickles, rice and soup, and "Mosaebi Tendon" (980yen) along with fried Mosa shrimp, pickles and soup. The price is quite reasonable, because the restaurant is run by the best seafood shop "Kanemasa Hamashita Shoten". The representative director, Tetsuji Hamashita, says "I have lived here for a long time, and I know everything about Karo Port. I opened the restaurant because I would like our customers to know the real taste of the fish."

You will find seasonal seafood at the seafood shop right next to the restaurant. The oysters with over 13cm shells are hugely popular as a brand rock oyster and referred to as "Natsuki". "Agochikuwa", the minced flying fish sausage is perfect for souvenir.

White squid is another seasonal taste. The best place to try the white squid is "Yamayoshi-tei" located in the fresh fish market next Aeon Hiezu Mall. Please try "White Squid and Tuna Tartare Rice Bowl" with miso soup (1,296 yen). You can enjoy different taste when the egg is mixed in the bowl.

Yamayoshitei offers only seafood rice bowl. It is run by a seafood shop "Yamayoshi Kaisan". It offers a variety of fresh seafood bowls such as "White squid and Sea Urchin Bowl"(1,296 yen), "Kaisendon" with 7 to 8 types of sashimi (864 yen) and "Zuke Bowl" (864 yen). Many people line up in front of the restaurant because of the fresh seafood and reasonable price. The representative director, Hideki Yamada, says "the restaurant is located at the busy corner full of customers. I want to satisfy the customers by the best ingredients."

At the Yamayoshi Kaisan shop right next to the restaurant, you will find fresh seafood landed at Sakaiminato Port. Also the processed original seafood products are developed. "Zuke Sauce", marinated fish including tuna, white squid, sea bream, white grouper and yellowtail to YamaKaoru secret of soy sauce, is perfect for souvenir.

●Karo Port Ichiba Shokudo(賀露港・市場食堂
Address: 4-1803-2, Nishi, Karo-cho, Tottori City, 680-0908 Tottori
Phone: 0857-28-2391
Opening Hours:Weekday 10:30-15:00 (L.O.14:30)
     Weekend and holiday 10:00-16:00(L.O. 15:30)
Closed: New Years Day
Access: 42 minutes by bus. Please take Hinomaru "Karo Junkan Line" at Tottori Station, and get off at "Kanikko Kan Mae"(かにっこ館前) and walk for 6 minutes.
Credit Card: Not Available
Wi-Fi: Not Available
Website: Karo Port Ichiba Shokudo

●Kanemasa Hamashita Shop (かねまさ・浜下商店)
*Address, contact and access is the same as Ichiba Shokudo.
Opening Hours: 8:30-16:00 *8:30-17:00 in November and December
Credit Card: Not Available
WiFi: Available
Website: Kanemasa Hamashita Shop

●Yamayoshitei (山芳亭)
Address: 1026-1, Hiezu, Hiezu-son, Saihaku-gun, Tottori 689-3553
Phone: 0859-37-1011
Opening Hours: 11:30-15:00
Closed: Wednesday and December 27-January 4th
Access: 30 minutes by bus. Take Nihon Kotsu "Kaike Line for Aeon Higashi-kan" and get off at "Aeon Higashi-kan" stop.
Credit Card: Not Available
Wi-Fi: Available
URL: Yamayoshitei

●Yamayoshi Kaisan (山芳海産)
※Address, contact and access is the same as Yamayoshitei.
Opening Hours: 9:30-17:00
Closed: Wednesday and December 27-January 4th
Credit Card: Available
Wi-Fi: Available
Website: Yamayoshi kaisan