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Sand Sculptures Supports The Rio Olympics!

 Finally, the Olympic and Paralympic opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many people must be excited to watch the various games.

 There is an ongoing exhibition currently held in "The Sand Museum"  at Tottori Sand Dunes; the 9th term exhibition Travel Around The World In Sand South America. The exhibition will be held until January 3rd, 2017. The sand sculptures are sending a big cheer to the Rio Olympics!
 The realistic sculptures will bring you the hot wind of South America. The Rio Olympics, which is being held at the other side of the world must start to look familiar. Please come travel the world of South America in sand sculpture.

 Visitors will find South America when they step into the main exhibition area on the the second floor. 19 sculptures are exhibited in the large room with 28 meters width, 57 meters depth and 13 meters height. The sculptures approaches from various angles to the charm of the South America, in the delicate and dynamic manner introducing traditional streets of Cusco, Uru people who live on the floating reed islands, coffee plantations in the South American highlands, the modern architecture of Brazil.

 The sculpture of  the famous world heritage "Machu Picchu" is an attempt to revisualize the actual location that is in the ridge of the mountain at an altitude of 2,430m. The whole picture can only be seen from the third floor deck. 

 The South America sand exhibition was produced and designed by the general producer of The Sand Museum Mr. Katsuhiko Chaen. The sculptures were created by 18 sand sculptors gathered from 10 different countries. 

 There are three new attempts The Sand Museum tries for the first time in this exhibition.The first attempt is 3,000 tons sand, which is the largest amount in The Sand Museum. 500 tons are increased from the previous exhibition. With the amount, it represents the sense of scale of the South American continent.

  The second attempt is the waterfall. Real waterfall is made in the center of the main sculptures "Golden City El Dorado" and "In Search of Gold". Water should be forbidden usually because it could destroy the sand sculptures. However, it was a challenge to create a motion among the sand sculptures.

  The third attempt is that the three different sculptures in the distant block become one large piece when viewed from a certain place. Some people would pass without noticing because the sculptures are too big. If visitors look back after seeing the main sand sculptures "Golden City El Dorado" and "In Search of Gold", the large sculpture, the symbol of Rio de Janeiro, will jump into their eyes.

 After the exhibition, please try "Sand Sculpture Making Workshopto make your own small sand sculpture of 20cm height and 20cm width. The professional staff will teach you the procedure, so anyone can try including a beginner and small children. 

 Please try delicious gelato after visiting the museum. Walk for 3 minutes from The Sand Museum towards Tottori Sand Dunes Entrance to find "Sankoen Gelato Shop". It offers over 10 kinds of gelato. The specialty is "Pear Gelato" (single 300yen). the "twentieth century pear" and several kinds of pears are blended and make rich taste.

  The gelato is juicy and sweet. The aftertaste is surprisingly refreshing! Perfect for the hot summer!

 "Sankoen" is a tourist farm, that grows 10 several kinds of pears in the vicinity of the Tottori Sand Dunes. The oldest pear farm in Tottori was founded in 1904. It has been making a delicious pear with delicate care and high cultivation technology. 

At Sankoen, rather than chemical fertilizer, fallen leaves, branches, oil cakes and natural ingredients are applied to the pear trees. They mow four to five times a year instead of using herbicides. In addition, the farm is located on the sunny and well-drained slopes of mountain. It makes fine pears with a good balance of sugar content, acidity, moisture. 

 Pear picking is available at Sankoen from August through mid-November. Freshly picked pears are very juicy. The varieties that can be harvested change according to the season. Reservation is not necessary, but online reservation comes with 100yen discount and free pear gelato.

●Tottori Sand Dunes The Sand Museum (鳥取砂丘 砂の美術館)
Address: 2083-17, Yuyama, Fukube-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture 689-0105
Phone: 0857-20-2231
Daily Opening Hours: Weekday and Sunday 9:00-18:00(Entrance closes at 17:30)
     Saturday 9:00-20:00(Entrance closes at 19:30)
Closed: During exhibition change(Early January-Mid April) *Open everyday during exhibition
Admission: Adult 600yen, 6-18 years old 300yen (Group Fare over 20 people: Adult500yen, 6-18years old 200yen)
Sculpture Making Workshop: 500yen *For details, please click here.
Access: 21 minutes by "Sakyusen" (砂丘線) bus from Tottori Station. Get off the bus at "Suna no Bijyutsukan Mae(砂の美術館前) and walk for 1 minutes.
Credit Card: Available
Wi-Fi: Available
URL:The Sand Museum

●Sankoen Gelato Shop (さんこうえん砂丘店)
Address: 2164-807, Yuyama, Fukube-cho, Tottori City, Tottori 689-0105
Phone: 0857-30-1174
Daily Opening Hours: Weekday 10:00-17:00, Weekend 10:00-18:00
Closed: Irregular ※Open everyday in August and September
Access:22 minutes by "Sakyusen" (砂丘線) bus from Tottori Station. Get off the bus at "Tottori Sakyu(鳥取砂丘(砂丘会館)) and walk for 2 minutes.
Credit Card: Not Available
Wi-Fi: Not Available

Address: 1973 Yuyama Fukube-cho, Tottori City, Tottori 689-0105
Phone: 0857-20-1174
Daily Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00
Closed: Open everyday during farm opening season ※pear picking is possible from July 30th to November 13th
Pear Picking: Jr. High school student and adult 1,000yen, Over 5 years old 900yen
※Pear to go is subject to extra charge.
※Internet reservation comes with 100yen discount and free pear gelato 
Access: 20 minutes to Sakyu Higashiguchi(砂丘東口) bus stop by Nihon Kotsu bus "Iwami Iwai Line(岩美・岩井線) from Tottori Station. 16 minutes walk from the bus stop.
Credit Card: Not Available
Wi-Fi: Not Available
URL: Sankoen Official Website