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Tottori Gets Pink!

What color would you have in mind when you hear the word "Tottori Prefecture"? Most people must think of the pale color of the 20th Century Pears or the sand beige of Tottori Sand Dunes.
Tottori Prefecture, however, has been trying to change the stereotypical image into pink!

It looks like strawberry sweets, but it's actyally a curry. Its name is "Pink Curry".
The curry was developed with the concept "curry for a lady in beautiful dress". It looks feminine, but in fact is very spicy. The pink color made from beets known for the ingredients of Russian "Borscht". The beets are rasied in Tottori Prefecture by the hands of local farmers. Beats are rich with iron, vitamines and minerals. The Pink Curry takes care with beauty and health.

"Pink Curry" is available at Oenokian(大榎庵). Oenokian is a cafe that is a renovated old, Japanese-style house. The Pink Curry Lunch Set is 1,500yen along with salad, soup and drink.  There are also retort curry to go for souvenir.

There are also other pink food; soy sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup and wasabi. "Pink Soy Sauce" is soup stock seeped into soy sauce, which goes well with sashimi, tofu and even with noodles such as udon. If you add some suger, the soy sauce can be used as Mitarashi sauce. It is perfect for the source of French and Italian cuisine. "Pink Mayonnaise" has a refreshing and acid taste. It will add bright color to your table as if flowers bloomed in green salad.

These seasonings can be purchased in the cafe or on online shop. There is also a set of these seasoning and curry, which will surely become a nice surprise present for your family and friends.
Another pioneer of Tottori Pink is located in Chizu Town in the mountain. It's Koiyamagata Station (恋山形駅). It is a quiet unmanned staton. Two or three local residents get on and off per day at the station. Once in every two hours, express trains such as "Super Hakuto" (Tottori-Kansai area) and "Super Inaba"(Tottori-Okayama) stop to wait for another passing express train at the station.
However, from the fact that there are only four stations in Japan, which have the kanji character "恋"(love) in the station name, the station was repainted in pink in order to attract tourists in 2013 with the new name as "Make Your Love Bear Fruit: Koiyamagata Station". Everything is repainted in pink including the building, fence, chairs and trash box. You will find the painting of red hearts and a station character "Erio Miyamoto".

Since the station name says "Make Your Love Bear Fruit", there are many gimmicks of love fulfillment. You will be able to write your wish on a heart-shaped wooden plaque (400yen/ available at Chizu Station, Ohara Station, Kamigori Station and inside trains). If you post a letter or postcard at "Koi Post"(Love Post), the letter will get the special heart-shaped post stamp date mark. There is also a photo shooting spot for a couple. 

Pink is a color which makes people feel cheerful and love. Please enjoy the pink curry and station in Tottori Prefecture.

●Oenokian (大榎庵)
Address: 3-3, Oenoki-cho, Tottori-shi, Tottori 680-0043
Tel: 0857-30-4891
Daily Opening Hours: 11:00-21:00 (LO 20:30) *Lunch time starts from 11:30.
Closed: Open daily except otherwise notice *Please make a reservation.
Access: 14min. bus ride from Tottori Station by Kururi 100yen Loop Bus. 1min. walk from "Oenoki-cho" bus stop.
Credit Card: Not Available
URL: Oenokian Official Website
URL: Brilliant Associates Company Official Website
URL: Hana Kifujin Online Shopping Website


●Koiyamagata Station (恋山形駅)
Address: 159-3 Ouchi, Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori 689-1421
Tel: 0858-75-2595(Chizu Express Co., Ltd. Transport Dept.) 9:00-17:00
Access: Please see here
WiFi: Not Available
URL: Chizu Express Co., Ltd. Official Website
Note: Please don't enter in a rail to take photos. It is dangerous.
Note: The letters in "Koi Post"(Love Post) are collected on every Monday only. Please do not post urgent letters. Please don't forget to put stamp on the letter. In case of no stamp and the shortage of postal fee, the heart-shaped post stamp will not be printed.