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Famous Matchmaking Shrine Hakuto Jinja

Spring is a season of meeting and parting. Hakuto Jinja has been attracting many people in recent years as a shrine of matchmaking and love.
The name of this shrine can be seen in the oldest chronicle of Japan, Kojiki and Nihonshoki. The shrine has the long history, and is related to the legend "The Hare of Inaba", one of the most well-known myths in Japan. The shrine is regarded as where the fist love story happened in Japan.

Hakuto Jinja was selected as one of Japan's "Lover's Sanctuary" spots for its myth of the first love in Japan.
Hakuto Jinja means "Hare Shrine" in Japanese. A hare in the myth arranged a marriage of Okuninushi and Yagamihime. You will find many hare statues along with the path. You can buy "Musubi-ishi", which is a hare-shaped white stone at the shrine. Musubi-ishi is believed to bring marriage, birth, prosperity, achievement and health. It is said that if you keep the musubi-ishi with you or leave it with the hare statues at the shrine, your wish will come true.
You will see beautiful Hakuto Beach under the Hakuto Jinja. The beach is also related to the legend "The Hare of Inaba". There is the Okinoshima Island offshore from which the white rabbit returned. You will also see some dotted wave-cut platforms which look like sharks, so you can imagine what it was like in the mythological age.

It is also a place with a beautiful sunset view. You'll have a romantic time if you visit this place with your partner.

Hakuto Jinja