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Misasa Onsen -Tottori's Therapeutic Bath

When the cold sets in, what better to do than slip into a relaxing hot spring while watching snow? In Tottori, there are many hot springs with various efficacy.
Among many hot springs in Tottori, Misasa Onsen is famous for one of the highest levels of radium in the world and its history of 850 years.

The water contains radon, which is a weak radioactive gas produced by the decay of radium. When inhaled into the body, radon improves the metabolism and boosts the immunity and our natural healing power. This “radiation hormesis effect” is familiar to both tourists and people visiting for health treatment purposes.

Additionally, when inhaled, radon enhances the body’s antioxidant function, which supports anti-aging and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. This mineral-rich spring water is also good for drinking.
You will also enjoy beautiful nature at Misasa Onsen. At Mitoku River near Misasa Onsen, frogs are singins along and firefly are flying around.