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Tottori Sand Dunes -The Best Photo Spot

Tottori Sand Dunes are Tottori's most famous tourist attraction for its ever changing landscape due to constant movement of the tides, the coastal winds and weather. For its beautiful scenery, it is used as background of many movies and photographs.
Well-known photographers and painters such as Shoji Ueda, Hisaharu Taga and Kiyoshi Yamashita used Tottori Sand Dunes in their works. Also, the opening scene of "Abarenbo Shogun" and the high scene of 44th series of "Otoko wa Tsurai yo", familiar among Japanese people, were shot in Tottori Sand Dunes.

Not only daytime but also sunset scenery is photogenic.
If you want to get a little bit creative with your travel photography and take the interesting shots, please use a hat, umbrella, ball to take a trick shot.