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Matsuba Crab - Fresh from The Sea of Japan-

Tottori Prefecture produces the most crab of 9,668 tons(*) in all of Japan.
(*According to the investigation by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in 2014)

Snow crabs caught in the Tottori area are called “Matsuba crab”. Catching Matsuba crab became open on November 6th. Among the Matsuba crab, the best crab is tagged with "Itsuki-boshi" (五輝星).

The feature of "Itsuki-boshi" is as follows;
  ○Size: Bigger than 13.5cm shell
  ○Weight: More than 1.2kg
 ○Shape: It has all the legs  
 ○Color: Reddish without black spots 
 ○Meat: Full

In the ryokans and restaurants in Tottori, you will enjoy whatever the cooking style from sashimi, boiled, grilled and hot pot with reasonable price. Please visit Tottori and try the succulent flavors of fresh Matsuba crab available only five months from November to March.