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Mt. Daisen Turn Red In Autumn

Mt. Daisen is famous for the most beautiful colored leaves in western Japan.
It starts turning red in the beginning of October. The best season is from the end of October to the beginning of November.

Among many popular view spots, we will introduce Daisenji Temple, where you can enjoy walking while watching the beautiful autumn colors.

Daisenji is a Buddhist temple located in the middle of Mt. Daisen.  The temple had flourished as a training area for shugendo from 7th to 14th century. More than 100 temples and 3,000 armed priests used to be under the control of the temple at the height of its prosperity. The authority was no smaller than  Mount Hiei, Mount Yoshino and Mount Koya.
The path to Ogamiyama Shrine is Japan's longest stone-flagged approach to the shrine (600 meters).

If you take a small path on your right from the stone-flagged approach, you will find Nanko Kawara dry riverbed with wall rock. This place is called "Kinmon" (Golden Gate) from the landscape which Amida river goes through the wall rock gate. This is a great spot to see the colored leaves.
The Ogamiyama Shrine is the largest gongen-zukuri in Japan, and designated as important cultural properties.

(Bus)50min bus ride from JR Yonago Station
(Car)15min from Yonago Interchange Exit of Yonago Expressway
You will have to walk about 20min from the parking to the shrine.

0859-52-2502 Daisen Town Tourist Information Center
0859-52-2523 Daisen Information Center
There is Goyuin onsen hot spring near Daisenji Temple.

If you have some free time, please drive from Daisenji Temple to Kagikake Path. You will enjoy the tunnel of colored beech trees. From Kagikake Path, you will find magnificent view of beautiful autumn leaves.