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Visit Tottori and Get Crab Campaign

Tottori is the largest crab catching prefecture in Japan.
Before opening on catching crabs, Tottori prefecture starts "Visit Tottori and Get Crab Campaign". The campaign is from September to February.

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Please stay at one of 139 of Tottori Sightseeing Association member hotels from September 1st 2015 to Feburary 29th 2016 to enter the monthly drawing to win fresh crab. 100 winner will be chosen per month.

Means Of Entry: Please send the special postcard with certificate sealed. The entry must arrive by March 4th 2016.

First 3,000 of a group of more than 4 people which arrives/leaves at Tottori Airport or Yonago Kitaro Airport will get 5,000yen cash back per person. The campaign is from November 22nd 2015 to March 8th 2016 except during new year's day (December 27th- January 3rd).