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Tottori's Proud Specialty "Nijisseiki Pear"

Tottori Prefecture is the largest producer of Nijisseiki Pear in Japan.
Tottori is best remembered as pear and vice versa.

Nijisseiki Pear was discovered in Chiba Prefecture by Kakunosuke Matsudo in 1888. The pear was named as Nijisseiki because the pear was thought most delicious in 20th century (Nijisseiki). Nijisseiki Pear was introduced to Tottori in 1904, and has been cultivated since then.

Nijisseiki Pear is famous for its juicy and fresh flavor and crunchy texture. The season of Nijisseiki Pear starts from the end of August.
Tottori has many pear picking farms including Tottori Nijisseiki Pear Museum "Nashikko Kan" around Tottori Sand Dunes. When you visit Tottori, please consider trying pear picking!