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Best Five Cities For Clean Drinking Water

Climbing the mountain used to be severely prohibited until the Edo period. As a result, Mt. Daisen boasts one of the largest wild beech forests in western Japan. Mt. Daisen not only provides beautiful landscape but also boasts rich soil in nutrition, which offer clean and delicious natural water.

Yonago City was chosen as the third city for clean drinking water by Yahoo! Japan WEB R25. Tap water of Yonago City is from Mt. Daisen.


【Best Five Cities For Clean Drinking Water】
■1. Ono City, Fukui Prefecture (福井県大野市)
■2. Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture (熊本県熊本市)
■3. Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture (鳥取県米子市)
■4. Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture (静岡県富士宮市)
■5. Shioya Machi, Tochigi Prefecture (栃木県塩谷町)

Japan's largest drink vendor has factories in Mt. Daisen. The factory offers educational program "Outdoor School of Forest and Water" for children. The program is also available at Minami Alps Hakushu Factory in Yamanashi Prefecture and Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Factory in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Suntory "Outdoor School of Forest and Water"