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[System Improvement] Warning messages will be shown when external websites are accessed

Once the web application TOTTRIP ( is downloaded on your smartphone, it is free to access the data inside the web application. However, packet communication fees could be incurred if links to external websites are followed. System improvement as said below has been made to minimize the possiblity of accidental access which resulting in unexpected amount of communication fees.

  • Note is shown while the application is downloaded.
  • Note is added in the website and application.
  • Warning message is shown when external websites are accessed. External website is accessible only if OK button is clicked.

If you have downloaded the application already, please update the application from If you can not update the application (if warning message is not shown when link to external website is clicked), please clear the browser cash and try to download again. We do not hold responsibility for the influence caused by deleting your browser cash.

We appliciate your feedback, and we will try to make the application better.
Thank you!