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The Best Bird Watching Season in Tottori

The best season to see birds in Tottori has come. Migratory birds started arriving at Yonago Waterbirds Park, which is known as "The Paradise of Waterbirds".

Taiga bean goose and greater white-fronted goose, both designated as a protected species, have come to the park. A very rare bird, purple heron, seen only once in ten years, has also been observed.

Tundra swan, known as the messenger of winter, has been seen on October 7th, which is the earliest time in last twenty years.

The Yonago Mizutori Park has observatory facility called "Nature Center" to document and monitor the ecosystem of waterbirds and wetland. It has many telescopes, and visitors can ask questions to waterbirds instructors. Visitors can enjoy the exhibition of tundra swan's nest and unique stuffed specimen of black-faced spoonbill.

About nine-hundred tundra swan and other four-thousand birds including ducks will arrive to pass the winter. Also, rare birds, such as common shelduck and eurasian spoonbill, are expected.

The Yonago Mizutori Park will mark its 20th anniversary on October 22nd.