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Pottery Workshop: Make Your Own Pottery

There are many potteries in Tottori Prefecture, and one of them is Kazuwayaki Kazuwazangama surrounded by beautiful mountains in the west of Kurayoshi where the voice of the trees and the wind can be heard. Visitors can try pottery workshop under the guidance of a ceramic artist Ms. Yoshiko Yamane.
The pottery's colorful cinnabar is well known along with the new technique such as "Yuteki Tenmoku" and "Kinsai Youhen". Ms. Yoshiko Yamane has been handed down the tradition as the third generation of the pottery.
At the workshop, visitors can basically make anything they want including bowls, dishes and vases. Visitors can also select colors from red, blue and grass green. The teacher will kindly show how to make pottery for the first time beginner. The workshop price is very reasonable.
At first, you will prepare the clay. Please feel the warmth.
The next procedure is different depending on what kind of pottery you would like to make. You will form the shape either on a turning potter's wheel or by hand.

This report shows you how to make a beer cup on potter's wheel.
In the beginning, potter's wheel is difficult to handle, but gradually, you will get used to it while the teacher kindly show you how to do it. Two beer cups are completed almost in an hour.
Your work will be delivered to your house at a later date after it is fired in the klin.
The beer from the cup tastes exceptional!
The workshop is offered daily with confidence to anyone including children and beginners.
Address 326-1, Kazuwa, Kurayoshi City, Tottori
Phone 0858-22-5705
Price Adult 2500, Child 2500 (depends on the program)
Duration 60 min.
Opening Hours 10:00-18:00 
Reservation Required
Parking Free
(By Car) An hour from Hiruzen Interchange of Yonago Expressway
(By Train or Bus) 20 min. bus ride from JR Kurayoshi Station. Get off at Teratani Iriguchi bus stop and walk for 5 minutes.

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