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Yushien (Japanese Botanical Garden)

Daikonshima, located in the City of Matsue, is known as the nation's largest producer of peony, and also is one of the largest producing location of ginseng. The ginseng of Daikonjima is globally renowned as the world's finest quality. The circuit-style Japanese botanical garden built at the center of Daikonshima is Yushien. Peony can be enjoyed throughout the year. Also seasonal flowers such as azalea in spring, iris and hydrangea in summer, Crape-myrtle and crimson leaves in autumn, and winter peony and camellia in winter can be viewed. The picturesque garden with the excellent balance of flowers blooming alongside pond, creek, falls and bridges is popular among photographers.

After visitors appreciate views, they can stop by at a shop, which carries a variety of items such as Korean ginseng extract, ginseng alcohol, tea, ginseng soap and skin treatment. Gingeng ice cream is rare and popular.
  • Address: 1260-2 Hanyu, Yatsuka-cho, Matsue-shi, 690-1492, Shimane
  • Phone: 0852-76-2255
  • Daily Opening Hours: 8:30 - 17:30
  • Admission:
    Adult - 600 yen
    Child - 200 yen
  • Discount for Foreign Visitors: (Adults) 600 yen down to 300 yen
  • Credit Card Facilities: Not Available
  • Wi-Fi: Not Available
  • URL Yushien Homepage