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Horikawa Pleasure Boat

Horikawa Pleasure Boat slowly encircles Horikawa River, which surrounds  Matsue Castle for 3.7km. During the approximately one-hour ride, please enjoy traditional Japanese scenery with old samurai residence and old pine trees. In winter, Kotatsu (small table with electric heater underneath) set in the boat will give you a warm welcome.

Tourists disembarking at Ote-mae Departure and Arrival Point by Matsue Castle

Terminal and Timetable

There are three terminals;
1. Ote-mae Departure and Arrival Point by Matsue Castle
2. Horikawa Pleasure Boat Departure and Arrival Point next to a local beer hall
3. Karakoro Hiroba Departure and Arrival Point
  *Karakoro Art Studio is a local handcraft center.

All-day ticket allows you to disembark and embark as much as you want.
Please disembark at any of the three terminals, and enjoy sightseeing.

Boat Map


Month  First Boat  Last Boat  Interval
March-June  9:00  17:00  Every 15 minutes
July-August  9:00  18:00  Every 15 minutes
September-October 10th   9:00  17:00  Every 15 minutes
October 11th-November   9:00  16:00  Every 15 minutes
December-February  9:00  16:00  Every 20 minutes
Visitors buying tickets at ticket office of Ote-mae Departure and Arrival Point
  • Address: 507-1, Kuroda-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane
  • Phone: 0852-27-0417
  • Open Daily
  • Admission: Adult 1,200yen, Child 600yen (All-day ticket)
  • Reduced Admission For Foreign Visitors: 1,200yen→800yen
  • Credit Card: N/A
  • WiFi N/A
  • URL Link