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Mt. Daisen Round Trip Route

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The route makes a rather tough roud trip of Mt. Daisen. You can feel the nature of Mt. Daisen. It is a rather tough mountaining route for the expert.
  • Distance: 107km
  • Elevation: 995m
  • Average incline: climb 5.7%
  • Elevation Gap: climb 2100m
  • Level: Expert
  • Required hours: 6 hours
  • Route: Kaike Onsen - Hinogawa River Cycling Road - Soedani - Mitsukue - Kyukamura Okudaisen - Jizo Toge - Senjozan - Hitoikizaka Toge - Mukibanda Ruins - Kaihin Park- Kaike Onsen 
【Hinogawa River Cycling Road】
You can bike riverside.
【Hoki Town Sogo Sport Park】
You can see Mt. Daisen, that is also known as "Hoki Fuji" for its beautiful shape.
【Winding road of Cryptomeria Forest
The 7% climb winding road continues for 2.8km.

【Sky Road】
The 3km mountain ridge road biking through Higashi Daisen Ohashi Bridge to Jizo Toge. You can overlook the Sea of Japan.