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Hino River and Flower Park Route

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You can bike along Hino river, while enjoying the view of Mt. Daisen. There is a hill to within 2km of Hanakairo Flower Park. You can also enjoy the beautiful countryside landscape.
  • Distance: 40km
  • Elevation: 225m
  • Level: intermediate
  • Required hours: about 4 hours including break
  • Route: Kaike Onsen - Hino River Cycling Road - Ono Komachi Grave Site (optional)- Tottori Hanakairo Flower Park - Rice field of Misaki - Akaiiwa Shrine (optional) - Hosshoji River Bank - Hino River Cycling Road - Kaike Onsen
【Hino River Cycling Road】
You will bike the river bank and river bed.

【Hino River Dam】
You will bike the 290m dam of Hino River.

【Mountain Road along with Hino River】
Enjoy various landscape from a small waterfall to tree-covered road.

【Rice field of Misaki】
The rice field spreads on the northern side of Mt. Tema.