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Ancient Ruins and The Home of Pure Water Route

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Visit one of Japan's largest historical heritages in Yodoe, and the home of pure water. There are hot springs and Amenomanai, chosen as one of Japan's 100 famous mineral water springs. It is a great place for riding a bike.

  • Distance: 28km
  • Elevation: 58m
  • Level: Beginner
  • Required hours: 2 hours including break
  • Route: Kaike Onsen - Hiezu Beach - Amenomanai - Kamiyodo Haiji-ato-Kamiyodo Hakuho-no-Oka Exhibition Hall-Hakuho-no-sato - Hokikodainooka Park - Mukibanda Ruins (Optional) - Yodoe Old Road - Hinogawa River Cycling Road - Kaike Onsen
【Kaike Onsen Swimming Beach】
Kaike Onsen Swimming Beach was chosen as one of the best 88 swimming beaches in Japan.

Hakuho-no-sato consists of two facilities. One is Yodoe Yume Onsen. Another is
Dongurikan, which offers original dishes and souvenirs of tofu and 'donguri' (acorn), using the pure water from Mt. Daisen. There is a free foot bath in front of Dongurikan.

Kamiyodo Hakuho-no-Oka Exhibition Hall
Kamiyodo Hakuho-no-Oka Exhibition Hall exhibits ancient excavated items and reconstructed Buddha sculptures from Kamiyodo Haiji-ato. Visitors can listen to the explanation from the curator.