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Mizuki Shigeru Road

Welcome to the city of Youkai!

Sakaiminato is a city of seafood and youkai. Youkai are a class of supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore. Sakaiminato is also the hometown of the prominent manga cartoonist, Shigeru Mizuki, mostly known for "GeGeGe no Kitaro", in which a one-eyed youkai boy named Kitaro fights for peace between humans and youkai, but usually ends up protecting humans from the youkai. 

Mizuki Shigeru Road is a street dedicated to the characters that appear in his manga works. For 1 km from JR Sakaiminato station to the Motomachi arcade, approximately 150 bronze statues of Youkai line both sides of the road. Many seafood restaurants and souvenir shops can also be found on the street.