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Mt.Daisen Downhill Cycling (By Appointment Only)

Enjoy Mt. Daisen with our downhill cycling tour!
We offer three different courses available from a beginner to the experienced.

*The tour requires prior reservation. Please make a reservation from homepage.

Course A  (2.5h 15km 4,000yen)

Starting from Daisen Ski Center, located 850 meters above sea level, to Morinokuni of altitude 300 meters. Recommended for the beginners and first-time travelers to Mt. Daisen. Experienced guide will take you to popular tourist spots such as Daisen Home of Milk and beautiful country winding road.

Course B(3.5h 22km 5,000yen)

A long course starting from Katori Observation Deck, located 800 meters above sea level, to the ocean. Please enjoy ever-changing kaleidoscope of beautiful landscape from beech forests to blue ocean. Experienced guide will take you to hidden gems such as Japanese-style farm, yoghurt factory and local handcraft school (former abandoned elementary school) . Please enjoy interactions with local residents.

Course C (2.5h 15km 5,000yen)

Rough downhill tour with mountain bike. Recommended for the experienced and those who are into wildness. The course will pass through forest off road. After the off road, you will bike through comfortable Japanese country road.

  • Address: 
    Morinokuni/Cogstation Daisen
    634 Akamatsu, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
  • Phone: 0859-53-8036
  • Open: 9:00-17:30 (The tour is held from April to November.)
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  • Wi-Fi: N/A
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