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Grampus inn MISASA

  • Facility Name: Grampus inn MISASA (グランパスinn 三朝)
  • Address: 118-1 Yamada, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture
  • Phone: +81-858-43-0631
  • Check-in 15:00, Check-out 10:00
  • Closed: Once in a month during a monthly inspection.
  • Fare
    One night stay with dinner and breakfast 10,000yen-
    Hot Spring Only: 600yen (available 15:00-21:00) Please confirm in advance.
  • Access: Take Hinomaru bus bound for Misasa Onsen from JR Kurayoshi Station for 20 minutes. Get off the bus at Misasa Onsen. 
  • Wi-Fi: --
  • URL: