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Hakuto Shrine

Hakuto Shrine is a stage of a well-known Japanese myth, Hare of Inaba legend. The legend is found in the Kojiki, the oldest extant chronicle in Japan, which dates from early in the 8th century. The Hare of Inaba forms an essential part of the legend of the Shinto god Okuninushi. Originated from the legend, the shrine is said to give the luck of love and marriage.

  • Facility Name: Hakuto Shrine (白兎神社)
  • Address: 603 Hakuto, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
  • Phone: +81-857-59-0047
  • Access: Take Hinomaru bus bound for Shikano for 40 minutes from JR Tottori Station. Get off the bus at Hakuto Jinja-mae bus stop.
  • Wi-Fi: --
  • URL: --