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The Resurrection of Okuninushi Pilgrimage Tour

Start at Yonago Station


Awashima Shrine

Awashima Shrine enshrines Sukuhanikona who travelled around with Okuninushi to built a nation.


Hatsukasan Mountain

Hatsukasan mountain lies next to Akaiiwa Shrine. There believed to be Princess Izanami's grave.


Akaiiwa Shrine / Shimizui

Akaiiwa Shrine stands at a place where Okuninushi was murdered by jealous brothers. It is believed that the spring water from Shimizui was used to resurrect Okuninushi.


Ogamiyama Shrine

Ancient people worshipped Mt. Daisen.
This shrine had been used during winter.


Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya/Daisenji Temple

Ogamiyama Shrine Okunomiya is located at Mt. Daisen. It is believed that Okuninushi planned a nation-building from here, looking down the land. The shrine was used during summer.

Arrive at Yonago