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The Hare of Inaba Pilgrimage Tour

Start at Yonago Station

Hakuto Shrine/Hakuto Coast

Hakuto Shrine
Hakuto Shrine enshrines the white hare. It is worshipped as the god of medicine and match-making.

Hakuto Coast
The white hare is believed to travel the beautiful white Hakuto Coast from the Island of Oki.


Menuma Shrine

Menuma Shrine is believed to be the place where Okuninushi and Princess Yagami met.


Shitori Shrine

Shitori Shrine enshrines Shitateruhime, the daughter of Okuninushi. It is regarded as the a guardian deity of woman.


Hahaki Shrine

Hahaki Jinja enshrines Kotoshironushi, the son of Okuninushi.


Nakayama Shrine

Nakayama Shrine also has the white hare legend record.