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Izumo Highway Walking Tour

Okuhino and Okuizumo in the Chugoku Range used to produce more than 90% of iron in Japan. This area was taken as a model of the award-winning movie "Princess Mononoke". The tour visits the sites of indigenous iron-making technique "tatara" and the Izumo Highway which once prospered as a pilgrim road to Mt. Daisen.

Enjoy the fantastic view of Shimane Peninsula and the Sea of Japan from Maji Pass. Lunch will be held in the old Japanese-style house, listening to the story of Izumo Highway.
Izumo Highway is a very historical road; an emperor was exiled to an island through this road 700 years ago. In more recent years, the road has prospered as a pilgrim road to Ise, Kotohira, Izumo Grand Shrine and Mt. Daisen. Neu served as a major post station where travelers could rest during their journey. In this course, you will start from the old Neu district and walk the Izumo Highway with a guide.
■Start at 8:30      
■Expected time About 4-5 hours
■Group Min 3 people (Participants must be over 6 years old.)
■Price ¥1500/person      
■Opening Apr. ‒Nov.      
■Reservation At least 2 weeks prior to the tour date Please wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and bring your own drinks and lunch. Okuhino Guide Club (Add: 357, Funaba, Hino-cho, Hino-gun, Tottori Phone: 0859-72-1350)