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Downhill Cycling

~From Beech Forest To Blue Ocean~

Feels like you are on a slow roller coaster!


Easy 15 to 22 km cycling courses through beautiful scenery of Japanese countryside. The tour includes a bike ride through a beech forest, a visit to a yogurt factory, a farm and a local handcraft studio.
There are three downhill cycling courses. In course A, you will ride down from a ski station in Mt. Daisen (altitude of 850m) to Morinoku ni (300m). In course B, it would be a great slow downhill ride on a windin g country road with superb view. Course C will feature the joy of riding a mountain bike including through a beech and Japanese oak forests.

A course / 15km
B course / 25km
C course / 15km
Start at A and C course / 9:00 B course / 13:00
■Expected time A and C course / 2.5 hours, B course / 3 hours
■Group Min 2 people
■Price ¥4,000 / person (A course) ¥5,000 / person (B and C course)
■Opening Apr.-Nov. (Except for the Golden Week. The tour will be cancelled if the weather is bad.)
■Reservation By noon one day prior to the tour date
■Note Please wear comfortable clothes, shoes, backpack (to put your belongings) and bring your drinks.
■Contact Morinokuni (Add: 634, Akamatsu, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Phone: 0859-53-8036)

Recommended One Day Trip

Yonago (9:00) → Hiruzen Plateau“Birch Tree Hill” (9:40-10:00) → Walk at Kagamiganaru Plateau (10:30-11:00) → Daisen Parkway Drive Kidanisawa Mountain Stream ~ Kagikake Pass ~ Daisenji Temple → Downhill Cycling (13:00) → Daisenji Temple (16:30)