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Climbing Mt. Daisen


Mt. Daisen has an elevation of 1,729 meters, which is the highest in the Chugoku region. Enjoy the changing scenery as you make your way up to the summit. The first half of the climbing route is covered with the largest beech forest in Western Japan. After the sixth stage, you will hike among the alpine plants zone. You will get the exceptional sense of accomplishment when you overlook the panoramic view from the summit.
■Start at About 6-7 hours
■Group Min 1 person
■Price ¥19,000 /guide (maximum 20 people per one guide)
■Opening May-Nov. (The tour will be cancelled if the weather is bad.)
■Reservation 3 days prior to the tour date
■Note Please wear comfortable clothes (preferably long sleeves and long pants), shoes and warm jacket. Bring enough food and drinks.
■Contact Daisen Tour Desk (Add: 24-7, Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Phone: 0859-48-6123)
Did You Know?
One Tree One Rock  The movement to protect the summit of Mt. Daisen started about 30 years ago. Hikers voluntarily bring a tree or a rock to the summit to fill the erosion grooves and revive the greenery.
Mountain Cleaning Over 700 volunteers clean up Mt. Daisen by picking up garbage in spring and fall. Also, there is an activity to plant beech trees alongside the Yokotemichi trekking path.
Carry Down Volunteers carry down the human waste from the summit shelter to conserve the natural environment.