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Nordic Walking~Walk around Lake Togo!~

Walk around the lake of angel's legend and get healthy! Lake Togo is a brackish lake with a circumference of 12 kilometers. The scenic lake is one of the Eight Views of Sanin. Mt. Ueshiyama which lies close to the lake has the legend that an angel once flew down. This course was the 1st certificated course of Japan Nordic Walk League.
Walking Station (WS) There are four WSs around Lake Togo!
There are four WSs around Lake Togo! Walking poles are available for rent at each WS.
Walking Lessons
Cafe Ippo is the first walkers' cafe in Japan. Ippo means "the first step" in Japanese. Some of the staff are Nordic walking certified instructors, and gives walking lessons as required.
●Lecture Fee: ¥600/person
●Open: 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Tuesday)
●Address: 573 Minamidani, Yurihama-cho,
●Tohaku-gun, Tottori ☎0858-35-6161
■Expected time About 150 minutes  
■Price Free (Walking poles are available for rent for ¥300)
■Note Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Also, please bring water with you. ■Contact Cafe Ippo (Phone: 0858-35-6161)

Recommended One Day Trip  

Kurayoshi (9:00) → Start nordic walk at any of the WS by Lake Togo 12km (9:30 - 12:00) (150 minutes) → Lunch and Hot Springs (Togo Onsen or Hawai Onsen) (120 minutes) → Kurayoshi (14:30)