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Daisen Spiritual Walk

Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen has been worshiped as a mountain of God since the ancient times. Many sacred spots that have been cultivated over a few thousands of years still dot the mountain and the guide will take you to pay a visit to these spots.
The tour includes the visits to Amida-do Hall and Ogamiyama Shrine, which are both National Important Cultural Properties. The tour also goes to Japan’s longest natural stone approach and a spiritual site called "Kinmon" (Golden Gate), from where visitors can look up the nearby north wall ofMt. Daisen.
■Start at  9:00 & 13:00
■Expected time 3 hours
■Group Min 2 people        
■Price  ¥3,500 / person (Participants must be over 4 years old.)
Opening Apr. -Nov. (except for 4/27~5/6) *The tour will be cancelled if the weather is bad.
■Reservation Please wear comfortable clothes, shoes and bring your drinks.
Note 2 days prior to the tour date
Contact Morinokuni (Add: 634, Akamatsu, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Phone: 0859-53-8036)

Recommended One Day Trip 

Yonago (9:00) → Hiruzen Plateau “Birch Tree Hill” (9:40-10:00) → Wooden Path Walk at Kagamiganaru Plateau (10:30-11:00) → Daisen Parkway Drive → Kidanizawa Mountain Stream ~ Kagikake Pass ~ Daisenji Temple → Daisen Spiritual Walk (13:15) → Daisenji Temple (15:40)